Michael E. Dorrler

Photograph taken from https://www.bishop-accountability.org/accused/dorrler-michael-e-1983/
NameMichael E. DorrlerJesuit
Date of Birth1/17/1949 
Date of Ordination1983 
Association with LUC1984-1988 
Position at LUCJesuit Residence – exact position unclear 
Date of incident, Location of Incident1980Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis, IN
Number of victims/accusationsAt least 3 victims 
Case statusAccused 
Status of IndividualRemoved from public ministryUnknown date

Fr. Michael Dorrler’s career with the Jesuit order was somewhat atypical. Most Jesuits of his generation joined the order immediately out of high school. Dorrler only became a Jesuit at the age of 31 in 1975. Unlike his brothers in Christ who joined the order in their teenage years, Dorrler then ascended to priesthood much faster: within eight instead of the usual thirteen to fifteen years. He received his ordination in 1983. He taught at Jesuit-run high schools in northern Ohio and in Chicago before joining Loyola University Chicago in 1984. The public record does not reveal the positions that Fr. Dorrler held at Loyola, whether he was faculty, ministry or a student, or several of those. The Anderson Report indicates that he held several positions since he was registered with different residences across the four years of him being associated with the university.[1] Dorrler was assigned to Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1989. He was later accused of having sexually abused a minor during his time there.

The records do not show what relationship this minor had to Fr. Dorrler, or whether this minor was a student at Brebeuf.[2] The priest’s assignment record indicates that the accusations against him were made in 2002, while he was assigned to the Gregorian University Foundation in Washington DC. This seems to be the date at which he was removed from public ministry, since after that his assignment is listed only as “Jesuit community” indicating that from 2002 on he was only allowed to hold mass for fellow Jesuits without laypeople present.[3]

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